5 easy hair care tricks to beat bad hair days in winter

Managing hair is a life-long issue for women. The season changes frequently and our hair never stops behaving badly.

With the winter season knocking at the doors, there’s an excitement to bring out the warm jackets, cosy hoodies and to feel the cold winds. But what about the dull hair-quality that comes with it? Well, adding more to it, there’s also concern about dry hair and dandruff problems.

But here we are! Reduce your worries and follow some easy tips to make your hair look good this winter season.

Take a hot oil massage
A hot oil massage once a week from coconut or almond oil will be a breather for the scalp. This will help you to prevent a dry and flaky scalp and improve your blood circulation resulting in nourishing hair this winter.

Trim your hair often
Trimming is essential for any naturalist regardless of the weather but bears particular importance in the winter. Cool air can cause hair to become dry and brittle which can lead to breakage and split ends. Trimming ends regularly will stop hair from breaking.

Invest in conditioners
As we all know, conditioning is necessary after shampooing. During winter, your focus should be on deep conditioners. This will be a magic formula to keep your scalp away from dryness.

Don’t overwash your hair
Stay away from washing your hair every day in winter. Everyday washing will soak the hair’s natural oil and make your hair look dull, unhealthy and without any moist. Wash your hair twice a week for frizz-free hair.

Protective styling helps
Cover up your hair as much as possible during colder months. Tucking your hair away will eliminate damage and dryness caused by the weather. Styles such as buns, wigs, weaves and head scarves should be your best friend this season. Make sure hair is hydrated and conditioned before tucking it away.