Would footwear be able to get any uglier? Is there anything more terrible than those polyethylene-stuffed triple-decker Crocs at Balenciaga? Or then again shouldn’t something be said about the Grim Reaper grass shearer front shoes proclaiming the passing of sex at Loewe? In any case, if there is a last outskirts of footwear flops, at that point I think I have discovered it: the toe shoe.

You’ve seen the toe shoe: It’s the nerdy sneak with isolated toes that is worked to help shoeless style running. For this situation, the shoe was superimposed with the Balenciaga logo. For a brief moment, I thought it was genuine. (It wasn’t. The maker of @crimesagainstshoemanity, Rebel Royale, made it as a joke on Instagram.) But would it be able to ever appear on the runway? “I’m not against a ‘toe-driven shoe’ altogether, as I remain as a cherished memory to me for the Margiela Tabi boot/shoe, yet for reasons unknown the five-toe spread is simply something I would prefer not to find as a shoe,” Royale composes. “My 2018 forecast of the Balenciaga toe shoe is the thing that [I] can just accept will be the following intelligent advance to their revolting shoe incline . . . There is certainly a business opportunity for the toe shoe since it’s the direct inverse of ‘excellence.’ Classically wonderful things are presently worn by individuals like Ivanka Trump which now corrupts them.”