Love your shoes: 5 easy ways to take care of suede leather shoes

“Love your shoes by the way!”, how good you feel while taking this compliment?

Purchasing shoes are the wisest investment while shopping. Your size may vary while buying fancy tops, trending pair of jeans, or blazers which you can’t wear for a long time due to your fluctuating kilos. But shoes, they never ditch you. They remain same forever.

This is the reason you should love your shoes and genuinely take care of them. Especially when it comes to suede leather shoes. Today, we have doled out five tips on how to take care of suede shoes in autumn!

Gentle cleaning is mandatory
Suede shoes look classic but if not maintained well, they won’t last long. It is recommended to opt for a brush with nylon bristles for gentle cleaning of dirt or oil stains on the shoes. Clean the shoes with the suede brush after every use, this will revive the nap and will remove extra dirt.

Keep them away from sunlight
Suede shoes need to be protected more, compared to other shoes. Avoid fading of colour and texture of these shoes by keeping them away from sunlight. Store them in a cool and dry place and if possible in a breathable muslin bag. Also, placing a shoe tree will help preserve the shape and lengthen the lifespan of the shoe.

Say no to water
Suede shoes should be kept waterproofed as using water on them might affect both the texture and colour of the shoes. For removal of stains, blot them using a small amount of white vinegar and a clean towel. Protect your suede shoes by using wax and spray-on waterproofing compounds. Use protection spray for quick, easy and effective results.

Suede-protecting spray is the trick
Water can be damaging to suede and eventually change the colour and texture, but a protective spray will prevent this from happening. A suede-protecting spray is a worthwhile investment and will lengthen the lifespan of your shoe.

Avoid humid places for storing shoes
Suede requires exposure to air contrary to some types of footwear that can be stored easily in plastic containers. Avoid storing your boots somewhere that could become warm or humid, such as a bathroom, garage or basement.