Winter Beauty Tips: How To Care For Your Hair and Skin In The Cold Months

The change in climate from warm to cooler is indeed a pleasurable experience; wrapped in cosy sweaters, waking up to the wispy air streaming through the open windows is uplifting. Unfortunately, though winter temperatures can wreak havoc on the skin and hair health, due to warmer indoors and colder outdoors. Summers and winters have a diverse effect on our skin and hair; the harshness of winter causes the skin to feel dry, rigid and stretched out, leading to early ageing. It can also lead to other skin conditions such as Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis being further worse. The face loses its glow and begins to look dull. Hair isn’t spared either; winter often causes hair to dry up, this is fueled by dandruff, brittle and falling hair.


Here are a few tips on how you can take care of your hair during winter season:

– Cleanse your scalp using mild shampoos
– Use anti-dandruff shampoos once or twice a week
– wash-off and leave-in conditioner to your hair at least once a week
– Nourish your hair with an oil massage half an hour to one hour before washing it off
– Apply hair serums after every wash
– Eat foods rich in Calcium and Biotin to prevent hair fall. You may include – Eggs, Fish, Nuts, Seeds, Avocados, Berries, green leafy vegetables, Soy its
products, Milk its products like Paneer, Curd and Buttermilk
– You may also, after consulting your physician, consume hair supplements rich in Biotin and Calcium Panthonate.
– Here are a few tips on how you can take care of your skin during the winter season:

– Always remove makeup before going to bed, use mild makeup cleansers and follow-up with a mild moisturizer
– Avoid taking shower in hot water, instead use lukewarm water that isn’t harsh on the skin.

– Gently exfoliate your skin once a week
– Wash your face twice a day using mild facial cleansers
– Avoid any kind of massages, as it will lead to breakouts amongst those with Acne prone skin
– Use mud or clay-based masks once a week
– Moisturize your skin everyday – make it a routine
– Use medicated sunscreens every time you step outdoors
– Avoid sugary foods and drinks to prevent breakouts
– Sleep well: 6-8 hours to get a fresh look
– Eat a colourful meal for glowing skin and lustrous hair- include fresh fruits & vegetables as part of your daily diet, and drink plenty of water to stay
– Always seek help from a Dermatologist for any query regarding skin and hair care, do not self medicate, as it could further aggravate your condition.